One Piece Chapter 1002 Delayed || New Release Date

One Piece Wano Arc is getting more thrilling and exciting as Luffy and others have finally engaged in an all-out fight against Emperor Charlotte Linlin and Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido. Unfortunately for fans, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda won’t be releasing a new chapter this week as the popular manga is set a one week break.

one piece chapter 1002 release date

Eiichiro Oda revealed the Wano war would be bigger than Marineford, and despite the intensity of the fight fans saw in the previous chapter, it was only the start of it. So we can expect that things will get pretty intense from One Piece Chapter 1002.

one piece chapter 1002 release date

One piece chapter 1002 Release Date

After reading One Piece chapter 1001, everyone is eagerly waiting for the next chapter. Unfortunately One Piece wont come out this week as its taking a one week break.

One Piece chapter 1002 is set to release on Friday, January 29, 2021.

One Piece chapter 1002 Spoilers

As of now spoilers of one piece chapter 1002 are not out yet. We will update once they are out. They expected to be out 3 to 4 days prior to official release.

One piece chapter 1002 prediction

So far we have seen Luffy and Zoro’s new powers, so we can expect see some new intense attacks by members of worst generation. We might also see new powers of Emperor Kaido and Big Mom. The fight so far is intense but its only just beginning and whoever wins it will take a huge lead in becoming the King Of Pirates and getting The One Piece.

We might see Sanji getting rescued in the next chapter since robin and brook made it to the staircase in the last chapter. We can also see fight like Marco vs King or the other 3 worst generation (xdrake, hawkins & apoo) vs Queen.

So far Kaido and big mom have the upperhand, so we can expect some power up from Worst Generation to defeat the Emperor of the sea.

We will update the spoilers as soon as they are out.

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