My Hero Academia Season 5 Exact Release Date, Time and Plot

My Hero Academia has grown quite a lot through the years since it was first introduced in 2016. My Hero Academia is one of the biggest franchises within the anime and manga community.  My Hero Academia Season 4 ended in April 2020 . Ever since then fans have been waiting for My Hero Academia Season 5.

My Hero Academia released the first trailer for Season 5 in October 2020 and another one in December. As with previous seasons, the production of season five was confirmed at the end of the final episode of season four. It was later confirmed by Funimation that preparation has started in Japan. On July 8, 2020, Yuki Hayashi posted a tweet saying that he and the other composers have begun recording the soundtrack for season five.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Poster

My Hero Academia Season 5 Exact Release Date and Time

While the number of episodes has not been confirmed yet, Season 5 of My Hero Academia will start on March 27, 2021. The second official trailer for the anime’s Season 5 is out, announcing that it will start airing on Japanese Television from March 27, 2021, Saturday at 5:30 PM JST. It will also come out on Crunchyroll on the same day well.

My Hero Academia season 5 will premiere on Saturday, March 27th, 2021.

My Hero Academia season 5 Plot (contains major spoilers)

In season 4, we saw Izuku had started his internship with Sir Nighteye. we also saw some crazy fights between the heroes and the villain. The main focus was on the threat from  Overhaul. Izuku with the help of Eri’s quirk goes up against the Overhaul with 100% of his powers and defeats him. We also saw All Might is replaced by Endeavor as the No.1 Hero. On the last episode we saw Endeavor and Hawks vs Intelligent Nomu. In the end Endeavor wins the battle.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Class 1B

So far, trailer for Season 5 showed the anime will primarily revolve around the Joint Training Arc in the manga. We will get the new arc that involves the battle between the U.A Classes, 1A, and 1B, in a training exercise. The students from the two main classes 1-A and 1-B, continue their rivalry.

Class 1A and 1B compete against each other in a Joint Training Battle, joining them is Shinso from General Department Class 1C, who is eager to join the Hero Course. While the exercise is being held, Izuku discovers a new secret about One For All; one that none of the previous eight users ever could have dreamed existed.

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