Black Clover Episode 158 Delayed, New Release Date and Spoilers

Episode 157 revolved around Asta’s past, telling us the journey that made Asta so strong. Spirit Guardian Gaja is quite satisfied with Asta’s progress, and he decides to spar with Asta one final time without holding back to know the extent of Asta’s power. Meanwhile, all other Magic Knights have grown considerably strong, and it seems the training campaign is heading towards its end.

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Black Clover Episode 158 Delayed || New Release date

The Spade Kingdom is ready to invade the Clover and Heart Kingdom. Meanwhile, the Magic Knights finish their training and are ready to defend their kingdoms. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for all the action to take place as the anime is taking a break, and  Episode 158 is not releasing this Tuesday. Instead, it has been postponed to next Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021.

Next is the spoilers for the upcoming episode titled “The Beginning of Hope and Despair.”

Black clover episode 158 release date

Black Clover Episode 158 will begin the much-awaited Spade Kingdom Arc.  After conquering the Diamond Kingdom, The Spade Kingdom begins its invasion of the Clover and Heart Kingdoms. It is there that Asta, who has grown spectacularly through special training with the Spirit Guardian, appears. We see everyone after timeskip in the next episode.

So Black clover episode 158  releases on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021 with the new Spade Kingdom Arc.

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