One Piece chapter 1000 Spoilers and Release date || Oda confirms when shanks will make his move.

One Piece manga has been going on for  a very long time, The first chapter of One Piece came out in 1999. Next One Piece is coming up on a very special and impressive number—one thousand. After over twenty years of continuous weekly serialization, the manga will hit its 1,000th chapter. This is an occasion to be celebrated! To celebrate this occasion VIZ is making one piece chapters available to read for free, you can check that.

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One Piece chapter 1000 Spoilers and Release date

Now coming to one piece chapter 1000 will be releasing on 04 January 2020. One Piece chapter 1000 is titled as – “Strawhat Luffy“. The Korean version of One Piece Chapter 1000 raw is the reason for the early spoiler leak. So in this chapter we get to see that Luffy finally reaches 5Th floor, thanks to Shishilian and Inuarashi’s group. Marco blocks King and Queen’s attacks and throws Zoro to the roof. After that we see Yamato reading Oden’s “logbook,” which says “the young pirates would arrive in the New World in 20 years.”

Luffy, Law and Kid in one piece wano arc

After that we see a flashback of ace and sabo talking about luffy. And then Yamato gives Ace a Vivre Card. On the next page we see Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid and Killer Vs. Kaidou and Big Mom where Kaidou says: “Say it again in front of our faces! What do you want to become?“ to luffy. After that Law uses his powers to send  Kinemon and the Red scabbards downstairs. Then Luffy remembers his friends from Wano.

One Piece wano arc Ace meets tama

After that  Luffy Attacks Kaido with Red hawk, but it seems a little different. Kaido gets knocked down. After which Big Mom says, “What happened to you being beaten and knocked down“ to kaido. After hitting kaido Luffy decalres I am Monkey D. Luffy. I will surpass you and become the” King of the Pirates”. There is no break for next Chapter 1001 from Eiichiro Oda, but there is a break from the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, so chapter 1001 will be a little late.

Luffy uses Read Hawk One piece wano arc

Next we will see Eiichiro Oda’s message to all One Piece fans :

To the people watching JF, hello!! It really has been a tough year; I believe many people are strongly affected by the corona virus.

I want to give a round of applause to the many workers in the industry who are still bringing the spirit to everyone in a wild situation such as now; that’s how this year has been. On Jump, Demon Slayer was amazing. It saved many people emotionally and brought them joy, really impressive. That’s how manga should be; I was somehow moved as well!

Now, let’s talk about the OP stage in JF! One piece is soon reaching chapter 1000!! By the time this message is read, I’ll have already finished chapter 1000 and be on my way to meeting the cast…or that’s what would’ve happened! Now I can’t go, what a shame…Old men and women on the stage…wait for no. Old men and young ladies on the stage, are you doing well? Anyway, even though I can’t go, I still finished chapter 1000! Is it good? Chapter 1000 will be on the first issue next year!! What timing! Please look forward to it!

There are all kinds of projects going on alongside the celebration of chapter 1000; they’ll warm up the New Year! Then in 2021, we’ll have another special year with a volume of 100! About the manga story itself, as new info, will that person move a bit? The man with red hair…!!As usual, the story is pushing towards its end! Please take your time and enjoy next year as well!”

Shanks one piece

Now coming to see what oda hinted at for the upcoming year for a one piece story. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding shanks like him meeting with the Gorose.  We also haven’t seen his backstory like how he became one of the four emperors. So One Piece fans can expect to see answers to all this question  in the upcoming year. So  look forward to it.


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